if it quacks like an ignorant homophobe…a word or three about phil robertson & a&e.

Looks like Martin Bashir and Phil Robertson are about to make the strangest of bedfellows. You heard me. Bashir, already ousted from his program on MSNBC for making offensive and disgusting statements about half-term governor/failed VP nominee Sarah Palin, might soon be joined by the Duck Dynasty compadre who let fly some righteously homophobic—and remarkably crass, ignorant and stupid—comments about gay people; gay men, in particular. (Ever notice these righteous, self-identified “Bible-thumpers” never seem to mind lesbians? I digress.)

It didn’t take long for the Duck Dynasty fan base to scream and bleat about Phil’s rights to free speech being violated. I’m sure these same folks were just as up in arms over Bashir’s rights too, when he made vitriolic and offensive statements about Palin, right? Yeah, right. I won’t hold my breath awaiting their vigorous defense of the liberal TV guy.

My point: if you’re angry with A&E benching Phil Robertson from Duck Dynasty filming, yet were happy when Bashir got fired, you need to check that double-standard for consistency. You can’t praise one decision and condemn the other without being hypocritical in your thought process.

I’m not defending Martin Bashir. What he said was extreme and kinda gross. MSNBC brass decided he was a liability and cut him loose and I was okay with that. They made a business decision. As a result, Bashir’s rights to free speech have not been, nor ever were violated. He’s still free to speak his mind. He’s just going to have to do it elsewhere than MSNBC’s air.

On that same turn, Phil Robertson is getting benched by A&E because of a business decision. No one’s imposing a gag order on Phil Robertson. He’s still perfectly free to spew his vile and hateful anti-gay rhetoric all he wants. A&E simply said, “you’re not going to be affiliated with us anymore.”

Most ironic in all this Phil Robertson nonsense is Sarah Palin. She herself came rushing to defend his freedom of speech, yet was completely reticent in the case of Bashir’s very same rights. Shocking? Not really when it comes to this grifter.

In the end, if you agree with Phil Robertson’s views, you shouldn’t be screaming about free speech (learn what the Constitution actually protects before opening that door, please, lest you wish to remove all doubt of your own ignorance on the matter). You might want to rethink your narrow view of the gay community. No part of what Phil Robertson said should ever, in a million years, earn kudos from anyone in a civilized society; same goes for his egocentric and naive view of Southern blacks in a pre-Civil Rights America, but that’s another story entirely.


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