day 57: an interesting day.

Today was an interesting day. It involved a lot of things I can’t really get into in a public forum. No, nothing dangerous, clandestine, illegal or nefarious. Rather, I found myself encountering a common theme all day: job. I started my day with a call from a recruiter for a position back in the Midwest. I never applied for this particular position—a Sr. Copywriter with a large corporation—nor did I ever actually send my resumé to this recruiter. How she got my information is a bit of an unsolved mystery. CareerBuilders? Not sure.

This set the tone for the day. It seems I was being peppered with questions about my career all day, in one form or another; forcing me to actually think about jobs, interviews, résumés and all the trappings of a job search. It also came up later in the day when I met some folks in town and the subject turned to career paths. And it didn’t stop there. When I got home, I opened my mail to find a hand-written ding letter from a person in Michigan who interviewed me three months ago…and sent me a ding letter via email three months ago. So why did they send me a letter this week? Just to make sure I got the message?

That last one irked me. I guess I can chalk it up to some sort of clerical error along the way, but I allowed it to get on my nerves more than I should.

Somewhere in the midst of all this career-focused chatter, I found myself juggling a few interesting priorities in my job as well as continuing my physical exploration of Las Vegas from a local’s perspective. I had to drive on Las Vegas’ dreaded freeways to get around this afternoon…always an adventure!

I’ve mentioned before this is not my first go-round as a resident of this city. Monday was Day 57 (the last time was only 135 days), but I’m already more “local” than I was the first time around. Unlike the last time, I already have a Nevada driver’s license, Nevada license plate and a permanent home address. Fortunately, I did not couch surf to survive (make no mistake, I am forever grateful to those who helped me a few years ago). These seem like small, basic points, but trust me—given the journey I’ve been on, they were meaningful for me.

Anyway…with all this thought, discussion and reminiscence of looking for jobs, am I getting wanderlust? A wandering eye for a new job? No, not really. I like what I do (a lot). It’s rewarding to know success in my current job will have direct and long-term positive impact on peoples’ lives. It’s a refreshing change from what I used to do at you-know-where for you-know-who.

Today was an interesting day.


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