kevvy’s week 4 locks of the week™.

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I know. I’ve been quiet about the college football this week. There weren’t enough surprises to change my mind about anything yet. It’s still Oregon, Alabama and Texas A&M vs. everyone else. End of story. Georgia really stepped in it vs. South Carolina last week. I picked UGA to win, which is my own fault. I’ve been saying for two years this is an overrated team and I didn’t heed my own advice.

In terms of spread betting, I had a lousy Saturday last week, going 1-2. I’m going to make up for it this week. I promise.

Florida (2-0) at No. 3 Alabama (3-0) -14.5
12:30 p.m. PT, CBS

In previous seasons, this might’ve been a more intriguing game. Sure, it’s a bit of a rivalry game whenever any two big SEC programs hook up, but Alabama has the deeper arsenal on this Saturday. Sure, the Gators racked up 65 points in Week 1. Against Eastern Michigan. They needed three OTs to get past that powerhouse, Kentucky. At home, no less. The only real question mark in this game is the Crimson Tide defense. I think Florida keeps it close for about a half, then ‘Bama opens it up.

Indiana (1-1) at No. 18 Missouri (3-0) -13.5
1 p.m. PT, SEC Network

I don’t care if you’re down to your last dollar or feel like betting the house. If you’re going to place one bet this week, it should be on this game. For IU, this is a HUGE hill to climb. For the Tigers, it’s one more tuneup game before diving into the SEC schedule. Mizzou is averaging a gajillion points per game and isn’t likely to be stopped by IU. I think this one gets ugly early. Bet the house. Bet your mother’s house. You can’t lose on this one.

No. 2 Oregon (3-0) -23 at Washington State (1-2)
7:30 p.m. PT, ESPN

This is NOT going to be pretty if you’re a Washington State fan. Oregon made it look easy against Michigan State two weeks ago, and Sparty was considered one of the best teams in the nation! It’s really not a matter of if, but by how many points will Oregon win. Answer: a lot.

There you have it. Those are my three Locks of the Week! Go make a bet, win some money and make daddy proud!

Upset Watch
I won’t predict on a favorite team, but don’t be too surprised if Utah shocks Michigan at the Big House tomorrow afternoon. It’s all going to come down to Michigan’s defense. If they can’t slow down the Utes, the Maize-n-Blue are in deep trouble. Utah QB Travis Wilson is completing 63 percent of his passes and hasn’t yielded an interception yet. Statistically speaking, Utah’s offense is superior to Michigan’s. But Utah hasn’t played anyone substantial yet, to say nothing of this being their first road game of the young season. Michigan’s a seven-point favorite, but you’re on your own with this one. I ain’t callin’ it.

Vehhhhhhh-dddddy Interesting!
First Team All-Bullethead QB Jameis Winston is not making things easier for himself, is he? He does something stupid (as college students will do), but up against a history of stupid behavior. So now, he’s going to watch his Seminoles take on a stiff Clemson team from the sidelines. The ‘Noles are a 14.5 point favorite, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see Clemson win outright, much less beat the spread. This game is at Clemson and Florida State is going to be missing their strongest weapon. Even with Winston, I think this would be a great game. Clemson is a quality opponent and Florida State looked vulnerable in Week 1. If you bet on Clemson, I wouldn’t be mad at you.


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