college football locks of the week™.

sports bookI went 1-2 in both my previous weeks. I need a comeback week to restore faith in myself. Oh, sure. I can pick outright winners. But when you factor in the spread? Yeah, that’s where I fall apart. There are a few interesting games on the docket this Saturday, and the moving lines have made them even more interesting than I’d like. Nevertheless, let’s see if I can redeem myself this week.

Tennessee (2-1 / 0–0) at No. 12 Georgia (2-1 / 0-1) -17
9 a.m. PT, ESPN

As much as I’d like to believe the Vols can keep it close, I just don’t see it happening. Sure, UT racked up points and played halfway decent defense in their first two games, but two weeks ago, Oklahoma showed just how far away Tennessee is from its glory days. For Georgia—a team I swore I’d never pick again after two weeks ago—this should be a relatively easy home game in the conference. UGA’s offense continues to click, even in defeat (35 points vs. So.Carolina).

Georgia will win the game, but it’s the 17-point spread that’s got me nervous. I think the Bulldogs will put a big number on the scoreboard. I’m just wondering if Tennessee will hang with UGA long enough to keep it within the margins…probably not, since UT’s running game is nowhere near as strong as Georgia’s. I don’t see Tennessee slowing down Todd Gurley at all.

Cincinnati (2-0, 0-0) at No. 22 Ohio State (2-1 / 0-0) -17.5
3 p.m. PT, Big Ten Network

Let’s be real: when it comes to in-state rivalries, Ohio State’s got it pretty easy. A few years ago, I recall Brent Musberger slobbering all over the Fightin’ Tressels, hailing them as “the winningest college football team in Ohio.” Duhhhh! It’s not like Texas, or California or Florida, where there are multiple elite programs in each state. I mean, Florida State has to deal with Miami and Florida. Ohio State? The Akron Zips and Cincinnati Bearcats.

Speaking of the latter, Cincinnati’s entering the Horseshoe this weekend as what most would consider a sacrificial lamb. Even though the Bearcats have not beaten Ohio State since William McKinley was president, they won’t go down without a fight. UC’s will have the most talented QB on the field this day in Gunner Kiel. But this will be his first true test against a good defense. Nevertheless, I expect Kiel to score against Ohio State. Sure, Ohio State will score, too—and likely win the game—but I think this one is going to be closer than Ohio State fans would like.

Oregon St. (3-0 / 0-0) at No. 18 USC (2-1 / 1-0) -9
7:30 p.m. PT, ESPN

This will be the first of many big tests for Oregon State. Sure, they’re 3-0, but against whom? No one significant. Their previous three opponents currently have a combined record of 3-8. USC’s opponents? 7-5. Sure, USC is a good-but-not-great team this season, but they’re already a more battle-tested team, compared to the Beavers.

I don’t expect Oregon State to pass this test. Not a road game at The Coliseum. The Men of Troy will win handily.

Those are my locks. Now get out there, place a bet and make daddy some money!


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