happy new year…and all that bullshit.

Happy new year, readers. All two of you. I took a little bit of a sabbatical from my regular writing. I’m going to pick it back up in 2k15. Not sure if I’ll resume my college sports beat or not. Maybe. We’ll see.

What else may we (mais oui?) expect from this blog in 2k15? More frequent updates. I will be blogging the upcoming season of Survivor and, perhaps, a few other pop culture nuggets. Some friends have told me they enjoyed my past Survivor blogs, so I shall not deprive them any longer. I used to blog American Idol, but I find the show so, utterly insufferable and formulaic anymore that I just can’t do it. Yeah, yeah. I know. Survivor’s formula ain’t exactly breaking new ground anymore, but so what? I enjoy the drama.

So, Survivor and possibly college hoops. I’ll most certainly pick up the college football blogging next fall. I quit earlier this year once I realized the rest of the sports world basically caught up to my perspective on things. I feel slightly vindicated that Oregon is still in it. The Ducks are my pick to win the National Championship this year. As a Michigan fan, I’m hopeful for the future of the Wolverines, but next season is going to be up and down. Okay, enough talk about college football.

In the meantime, I’m just hoping I stay awake long enough to see the fireworks out here in Vegas at midnight…unless the wind and snow put a damper on the events. No, I will not be going to The Strip this New Year’s Eve. It would be one thing if I were staying the night down there. I’m not. Driving to and from is going to be a zoo. I’ll just stay home and watch Kathy Griffin make Anderson Cooper uncomfortable.

Anyway, here’s to a new year, a new you, a new beginning…and all that other bullshit.



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