day 455: the day i gave up and surrendered to my dvr.

Survivor. Mad Men. Game of Thrones. There’s just too much pop-culture nonsense going on right now for me to keep track. Just went I had my DVR capacity down to manageable levels, along comes HBO and all their TV shows! I gave up. I surrendered; cried “uncle!” into the face of my DVR. It just laughed at me and kept recording shit I’ll never get around to watching. Therefore, I did what I had to do to set my mind at ease: hit the DELETE button.

With the push of a button—well, more like a series of buttons you have to push…over and over and over and over—I deleted a truckload of unwatched television shows. The anxiety was too much, so I threw in the towel. See, it was turning into credit card debt for me. You know how it feels? When you’re dangerously close to your maximum limit on your credit cards; afraid that burrito at Chipotle is going to be the one that sends you over your limit? I couldn’t take it anymore.

Fare thee well, Battle Creek. I never watched you. Same goes for you, Blackish. You both look great, but I’ve already got more than enough DVR commitments to juggle. But not you, Alex Trebek! You are going nowhere!

You heard me. Jeopardy! is the one show I never allow to fall behind. Yes, I DVR Jeopardy! Why? Because with my current work schedule, I don’t get home until it’s usually halfway over. I can’t walk into the show when it’s already in the Double Jeopardy around. That’s just foolish, man! So, I DVR it. Dino and I settle in each night and get our dose of Alex and the contestants. I can’t get enough of Jeopardy! Although, if they ever bring that insufferable jerk Arthur Chu back on, I refuse to watch. I don’t dislike the guy for his strategy. Sure, the strategy can be somewhat obnoxious, but Chu himself is obnoxious. He was a joyless, soul-sucking black hole of twerpiness, to say nothing of his horrendous positions on “gamergate” and other pop culture topics. So, yes to Jeopardy! No to Arthur Chu.

I’m going to start writing about Survivor again this week. It really doesn’t get interesting to me until the merge, when the individual game takes over. I’ll handicap the remaining field and, before the season’s out, I’m also going to review past seasons for some interesting lists of contestants. Yeah, I know. I still want to be on the show.

I also want to be on the Amazing Race because it would be a blast. But I need to get in seriously better shape before I embark on either of those journeys. Yes, I’m working on it.

Sorry for the whirlwind tour through the pop culture center of my brain. I just wanted to get all that out there before bed.


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