marsha blackburn: congressional dead weight.

What’s wrong with Congress? People like Marsha Blackburn are unbeatable in their home districts, yet she is clearly something of a party hack when it comes to answering simple questions. These are not gotcha questions being asked by Ashleigh Banfield. These are follow-up questions, asking an elected official to back up her own words. I just discovered this interview, which took place prior to the November 2014 elections.

Blackburn represents the Tennessee 7th Congressional district. She has never received less than 66 percent of the vote in all her elections, dating back to 2002. From what I’ve gathered about the Tennessee 7th, an old ashtray could run for Congress and win handily, so long as an “R” appears after its name.

I get that this district will probably never elect a Democrat, but don’t the Republicans who live there want someone with a higher intellectual acumen than Marsha Blackburn? Seriously, do better. This woman embarrassed herself in this interview, yet she seems to lack the self awareness to realize or care.

There was a time when I believed you had to be a truly intelligent, visionary and charismatic person to be in the US government. That was because I read about people like Henry Clay and Thomas Jefferson and Teddy Roosevelt and on and on and on. In reality, any schmuck with enough money and a cushy district can skate by for years—decades, even—before anyone even notices. Sadly, they rarely vote out dead weight. It just floats on and on.


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