survivor cambodia: second chance…week 3 recap.

survivorlogoIt’s been awhile since I’ve written about Survivor. This season’s only three episodes in, and I’ve decided it’s so good it’s worth blogging about. If you’ve been watching this season—Survivor Cambodia: Second Chance—you know the drill. Twenty former players, 10 female and 10 male, were named contestants by virtue of a fan vote. None of the players have ever won the game. I was most impressed that many of the old-school players from the first few seasons made their way back onto the island.

So who’s playing this season?

The cast of the 31st season of SURVIVOR is announced during the live reunion show broadcast from Los Angeles, Wednesday, May 20th on the CBS Television Network. Pictured (left to right) (Top Row): Vytas Baskauskas, Ciera Eastin, Peih-Gee Law, Keith Nale, Jeff Varner, Kimmi Kappenberg, and Kelly Wiglesworth. (Middle Row): Shirin Oskooi, Kelley Wentworth, Monica Padilla, Kassandra “Kass” McQuillen, Abi-Maria Gomes, Andrew Savage, Terry Deitz. (Bottom Row): Yung “Woo” Hwang, Spencer Bledsoe, Joe Anglim, Jeremy Collins, Latasha “Tasha” Fox and Stephen Fishbach. Photo: Monty Brinton/CBS ©2015 CBS Broadcasting, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

Vytas Baskauskas — Voted out, Week 1. Why? Because he was a creepy back-rubber dude, if you ask me.
Shirin Oskool — Voted out, Week 2. Thankfully. She might be the most obnoxious, annoying, player ever.
Peih-Gee Law — Voted out, Week 3. We’ll get to her later.
Joe Anglim
Spencer Bledsoe
Jeremy Collins
Terry Deitz
Ciera Eastin
Stephen Fishbach
Tasha Fox
Abi-Maria Gomes
Woo Hwang
Kimmi Kappenberg
Kass McQuillen
Keith Nale
Monica Padilla
Andrew Savage
Jeff Varner
Kelley Wentworth
Kelly Wiglesworth

Week One Recap
Vytas came off as a weird, creepy backrubber dude. Shirin basically sealed his fate because of…who the hell cares. It’s Shirin. Somebody shut her up.

Week Two Recap
They shut her up. I’ve never been so happy to see someone get booted off the island as I was this week. I’m still annoying by Shirin’s bullshit grandstanding from last season. “I was verbally assaulted.” You got yelled at, you clown! STFU!

Week Three Recap
The remaining 18 players were split into three tribes of six. Good thing, too, because it was starting to look like one tribe was going to run away with challenges. On top of that, some of my favorite players were struggling. Spencer strikes me as a smart kid who finds himself on the wrong side of a winning alliance. The shakeup definitely helped him. Tasha earned my respect for calling out a “rat” in Jeff Varner for trying to communicate to another team after the Immunity Challenge. Seriously, what was he thinking? That was dumb, Varner. Dumb!

From there, you knew Tribal Council would be interesting for the newly formed Angkor Tribe of Varner, Peih-Gee, Woo, Tasha, Abi-Maria and Andrew. Perhaps it was due in part to Varner’s move, but the shift in power on Angkor was caused by an already fractious alliance of four between Varner, Woo, Peih-Gee and Abi-Maria. Let’s face it: Abi-Marie is crazy, unpredictable and unreliable. She was already on the outs with her original tribemates, so it should surprise no one that Tasha and Andrew were able to pull her to their side rather quickly.

I also think Tasha and Andrew were wise to vote out Peih-Gee instead of Abi-Marie. Peih-Gee was in full-on survival mode and would’ve said anything to stay alive. Abi-Marie is a free agent and has an axe to grind with her tribemates. In my mind, she’s a guaranteed vote in my favor. I’m sure Tasha and Andrew felt the same way.

And, as always, Woo sits at Tribal Council, the most surprised and confused man in the game. He seems like a nice kid, but boy does he miss out on the big strategy happening around him! Either he’s pretending to be an airhead or he is an airhead; either way, his tribemates think he’s disengaged. Just as Peih-Gee was blindsided, so was Woo.

So What’s Next?
I never make predictions until the merge. Right now, it’s just a matter of which tribe can keep itself sorted out enough to win challenges that’s important. But already, too many players are focusing on the long game and missing the short game. Spencer nearly got bit by that and has since course corrected.

#CluelessKass continues to believe her own press clippings, but she’s playing a different game this time around. What she still doesn’t realize is all her moves last time she played didn’t improve her game one bit. She was nothing but a pot-stirrer. She never once improved her standing in the game. Not once.

I’m hoping Terry can survive awhile. He’s one of the best players who never won the game. He came in third place the season Aras won (who never deserved to win. Ever).

Personal Favorites
Varner — Because he’s kind of a goof, but a conniving goof. He makes me laugh and occasionally hatches a smart plan.

Tasha — Strong player who previously was on the wrong side of a winning alliance.

Spencer — Same thing. Kid is sharp, but he needs to get smarter about building alliances.

Fishbach — I’ve always liked this guy. But he’s got to work twice as hard this time around to get deep in the game.

Keith — He’s a much better player than people think. I hope he makes it far.

Ciera — Because she’s a tough competitor and has proven she will be cutthroat to win…and she’s freakin’ adorable and cute. Call me, Ciera!


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