election night recap: broken crystal ball & broken hearts…but not a broken spirit.


If you read my previous blog entry about the election, you already know I was wrong. However, I did say to watch out for deviations. And I was right in predicting Michigan as one of those deviations. I just didn’t predict Wisconsin. Or North Carolina.

My prediction was based on several different polls and sources of data. I knew Michigan was close. I thought that was the real threat, not Wisconsin. I thought North Carolina would ultimately stay blue. I should’ve known better.

But Pennsylvania? That one is a shock.

I thought we’d have Clinton as president by 8 p.m. PST. That was predicated on Democrats holding onto their firewall in the Midwest. Once North Carolina fell and the races remained tight throughout the Rust Belt, I knew my prediction was in trouble. If this were March Madness, I got bounced before the Sweet Sixteen.

After I posted my predictions, I shared with friends my concerns about North Carolina and Michigan. As of this moment, Clinton may still win Michigan, but Wisconsin, Pennsylvania and North Carolina went red.

I may be brokenhearted, but my spirit is not broken. Out of this defeat, I see opportunity to  grow. I hope the people higher up the ladder than me see that, too.

On a personal level, I am stunned. I am disappointed. I am broken-hearted, truly. Also, I am…concerned about this result. However, I will not become that which I despised over the past eight years. I will not become a stubborn, anti-president person. I am going to take a more muted tone. For now.

But not before I get this off my chest. To all those Trump supporters who insisted they wanted to oust professional politicians from Washington in favor of a complete outsider, I have one question for you: then why did you re-elect so many incumbents tonight?

Be honest. It was never about “change.” It was about your hatred for Clinton. Fine. I get it. At least admit it. We underestimated the level of Clinton hatred out there. We also underestimated Clinton fatigue. It was an unceremonious end to an otherwise distinguished political career. That’s politics for you. It’s a bloodsport.

Anyway, we shall see what the future brings. I refuse to be fatalistic and call for the collapse of society. I have to put my faith in our system of government to truly provide the checks and balances it is designed to provide.

If there’s any silver lining to this night for me, it’s Nevada. We delivered the Silver State for Clinton. We also kept Harry Reid’s senate seat with the Democrats. In addition, we even won a few House seats. Those down-ticket races were crucial; especially given Clinton’s loss. We also legalized pot. Something tells me we’re going to need it.

The Democratic National Committee has some serious work to do in the next few weeks and months. It is high time for a purge and a real autopsy. The DNC must treat this election as an opportunity to learn from its mistakes. The answer does not lie in persons named Sanders or Warren, but it does lie in their core philosophies. The DNC lost a lot of blue-collar votes tonight. Promises of free college will not bring them back. I don’t know the answer, and neither does the DNC, obviously. But it does start with one, simple truth: embrace your liberal self.

To the Indiana Democratic Party: you are dead to me. DEAD. I’m not joking. For 10 years, you’ve consistently found all new and innovative ways to lose elections and look positively idiotic in the process. If your offices tomorrow morning aren’t cleared of every, single high-ranking official, I wash my hands of you. I can only think of one word to describe you: pathetic.

To my friends in the black community, Muslim community, Latino community, gay community; to women seeking health care who want to make their own medical decisions; and to my friends in the middle class, seeking a living wage, I say this: I stand with you. We will figure this out together.

P.S. – You are free to disagree with my point of view. You are free to share your point of view. But you will not gloat or spike the ball. Not on this page, not on my thread. I will not sanction such behavior. Real lives are in the balance. Please don’t treat it like a goddamned football game.


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