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Email: kjmacdonald [at]
Twitter: @KJMacDonald
LinkedIn: Kevin J MacDonald

What Can I Do For You?

Find your voice. Tell your story. Shape your image. Communicate with your audiences. That’s what I will do for you. You have a vision. I can bring it into focus.

What I Do

  • Magazine editing and copywriting
  • Web site copy
  • Print/email newsletters
  • Blogging/social media
  • Radio/Video scriptwriting
  • Speechwriting
  • News releases
  • Media training
  • Communications plans
  • Corporate collateral
  • Haikus on demand
  • and much, much more

2 responses to “contact me.

  1. Jen "Burkowski" Engdahl

    Kevin – great write up on TJ. I have very fond memories of you guys from IUSB and also later on as he was great friends with one of my neighbors. I was good friends with Tiffany back then and can’t say enough about how those days had an impact in shaping my life. My biggest hurt in those years was losing Gene Love who molded the Student Life activities that gave all of us hope; speaking at his funeral was one of the hardest things I had to do as Student Government President but with the help of friends I got thru it. Looking at the photos you posted brings back so many memories and makes me both happy and sad at the same time. Sad that we did not know he was hurting as much as he was because he was too busy taking care of everyone else to let us all in but also happy because I know the fun times we all shared with him. It has been well over 10 years since I have seen him, it was just recently (this past weekend to be exact) that his face appeared on my Facebook feed; I reached out to him knowing that he was in the Indy area and I tend to travel that way a few times a year for sporting events with my teenagers in hopes to catch up and reconnect. Life does take us down different paths but there are certain people that always hold a special place in my heart; TJ was one of them. I am sure that feed was a message from God that he needed help but none of us knew. He was definitely an Angel and will live on in all of us that he touched. Glad that you are doing well and continue to showcase your talent at communicating. 🙂 May God Bless you!

    • Thanks for reaching out, Jen. It’s great to hear from you, despite the circumstances. I remember Gene’s funeral like it was yesterday. That was a sad, sad time. All the time I worked at IUSB, I never got used to walking past his office and not seeing him in it.

      And this whole thing with TJ…it just wrecks me. I won’t ask why. I can’t ask why, because no answer will ever be sufficient. I’ll eventually learn to accept the reality and be sad for our loss.

      The only upside to all this is I’ve heard from you and others from back in the day; people I haven’t talked to in ages. Life pushes us in all directions, so it’s perfectly understandable. But, damn, if it doesn’t suck that it takes something like this to bring us back together.

      Thanks for reading.

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