No matter how many additional skills I acquire, writing is my bread and butter. It’s what I love to do the most. It’s what I’m asked to do the most. Here are some various recent articles I’ve written:

Tech for Trunks
How can the Tanzanian tourism industry fight back against poaching? It turned to an unlikely ally: a team of ATLAS Institute graduate students.

Saving Businesses from Patent Trolls
All in a day’s work for chemical engineering grad-turned-lawyer Amy Kramer.

A few recent articles I wrote for a Fortune 50 client:
London Calling: Volunteering Sends Employee Across the Pond to London 2012 Paralympic Games

Dow Says ‘Thanks’ to Troops with Care Packages

Experience Nature Firsthand

Newsletter Editing
Caregiver Courier monthly e-newsletter I edit and write for Family Services: The Caregiver Courier. Its audience is our caregiver community, community partners and fellow government agencies and organizations involved in child welfare.

Video Production
I have experience shooting and editing video. Here is a recent video I shot using a Nikon camera and edited with Adobe Premiere Pro.

I served as executive producer on this video for the Greater Indianapolis Chamber of Commerce. I developed the script, scouted the location and selected the on-camera talent. Working with a professional video production crew was a tremendous experience.

Public Address Announcer
I’ve been doing PA announcing for sporting events (and other events) for about 20 years. Here’s one of my proudest moments: the 2013 NCAA Midwest Regionals.



  • From Catalyst, 2007: Jesse Camacho’s American Dream.
    This story was a joy to write. Jesse is living proof that hard work and determination lead to achieving your ultimate goals in life.
  • From Catalyst, 2008: Bold Leadership
    Incoming Chamber Chairman of the Board Charlie Garcia grew his business from “a pick-up truck and four employees” to a multimillion dollar success story.

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