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the show must go on.

IMG_1852For the better part of a year, now, my life has taken some strange and unexpected turns. Yes. You knew that already. Those turns forced me to make many difficult decisions, including choosing to step away from the microphone for the IUPUI Jaguars this season.

As the old saying goes: the show must go on. And it’s going on without me. I’m sad, but I certainly harbor no ill feelings toward anyone. There is no such thing as irreplaceable. I am, in fact, completely and totally replaceable. The Jaguars men’s basketball season started last night without me announcing the opening game for only the third time since 2001. And you know what? The show went on just fine without me.

I made the decision to step away a few months ago when it was clear I wouldn’t be able to fulfill my announcing duties for the upcoming soccer and volleyball seasons. I let the SIDs know well in advance of the seasons to allow time to find replacements, which they did.

For all intents and purposes—and without any official acknowledgement—I believe we all regard these changes to be permanent now, and that’s perfectly understandable. The program needs someone whom they can rely on to be there. My circumstances simply mean I can’t guarantee that.

The show must go on.

With nary a sound nor hint nor any sort of pomp and circumstance, my role as the Jaguars public address announcer has likely come to a close. We parted ways gently and amicably, but the parting seems necessary for all of us to advance on our respective paths. I went out quietly. And I’m okay with that.

Joe & I, working the NCAA Midwest Regional Final.

Joe & I, working the NCAA Midwest Regional Final.

For the better part of the past 12 years, I was IUPUI’s public address announcer for basketball, volleyball, soccer and sometimes softball. I loved (nearly) every minute of it. I met some nice people. I watched a lot of great games. My Jaguars career culminated with being the PA announcer at the NCAA Midwest Regional last year; an experience I’ll never forget and probably never top.

If you went to a Jaguars home game in any of those sports over the past decade or so, chances are you heard my voice. Chances are you probably didn’t even notice me or find anything I did to be remotely out of the ordinary. And that’s just the way I liked it. I was there to augment the experience, not be the focal point.

While I sincerely hope to take up PA announcing again at some level, I think my time with IUPUI is officially done. We thought it was done six years ago, when they honored me (by surprise, I should add) with a plaque and halftime announcement. But I pulled a Keith Jackson and came out of retirement. We ripped down the retired number, so to speak, and plowed forth as though the plaque ceremony never happened.

So what’s different now? Given the fact that my current job search could take me far away from Indianapolis, I don’t think it’s fair to play Russian roulette with the Jags program every year. It’s best to simply pass the baton and move on.

It’s a much quieter exit than the last time, and that’s perfectly fine by me. I don’t think the program needs to waste its budget on another plaque for me. Of course, I hope to have the opportunity to come back once in awhile and serve as a guest PA announcer, if they’ll let me; especially when the Jags move to the Coliseum next season, but that’s not something we need to decide right now.

In the meantime, I’ll reflect on more than 10 memorable years that put me in touch with a lot of really great people. I’m going to miss working with the table crew at our games: Joe the official scorekeeper and I started working together in 2001; Matt Davis, one of the best shot clock operators around; Gary, our most recent shot clock regular (who is also one of the best…and always brought us Taco Bell!); Eggiman, who ran the shot clock a lot in the early days; CD, who ran the scoreboard for most of my time at IUPUI; followed by Mike, who took over the past couple years; and too many interns and assistants to name.

I’ll miss the pre-game chats with the officials and coaches. I’ll miss the random, trivial, in-game conversations with Joe, next to whom I sat for at least 90 percent of the games. I’ll miss the cheerleaders and dance teams. I’ll miss the wonky PA system that usually worked (but not without a fight). I’ll miss sitting along press row at the conference tournaments. I’ll miss the JagBand. I’ll miss giving nicknames to JagBand director David Copeland at every game. I’ll miss “one minute remaining.”

I watched one of the best basketball games I’ll ever see—a triple OT thriller against Oral Roberts (Jags won). I watched George Hill become a pro-caliber basketball player and school too many opponents to count. I saw the legendary Rollie Massimino prowl the sidelines at the Jungle. I watched former head coach Ron Hunter become a national sensation by simply coaching a game in his bare feet. I learned to enjoy the game of soccer from the press box, albeit from a perch so high at Michael A. Carroll Track & Soccer Stadium that you could look down at the Statue of Liberty. I even had the pleasure of butchering my way through a handful of softball games.

I’ll never forget the first time we played at Conseco Bankers Life Fieldhouse. I’ll never forget the huge weekend in 2007 when we beat Valpo and Oral Roberts in front of a packed house (including a couple Indiana Pacers). I’ll never forget greeting Boston Globe columnist Bob Ryan when he came to the Jungle for a pre-Super Bowl basketball game. I’ll never forget calling my first (and only, so far) championship game for the Jaguars last season when the volleyball team won the season championship. All told, it’s been a blast.

IUPUI's game day crew, circa 2008: Eggiman, Buerge, Sherrill, me, Joe & CD.

IUPUI’s game day crew, circa 2008: Eggiman, Buerge, Sherrill, me, Joe & CD.

Individually, thanks to Ed Holdaway, John “JB” Berry, John “JR” Rasmussen, Mike Moore, Kevin Buerge, Billy Potter, Trevor “T-Mac” MacDonald, Scott Taylor and everyone with the program—past and present—at IUPUI who played some part in the opportunity for me to be the Jags PA announcer. I enjoyed working with you all.

Thanks, IUPUI Jaguars. It was a great ride.

But the show must go on.



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marching to march: hoosiers make their case for consensus no. 1.

That's how close Michigan came to winning.

That’s how close Michigan came to winning.

The biggest game of the season lived up to its hype. For Indiana, the win over Michigan yesterday delivered the first outright B1G championship in 20 years and, most likely, a No. 1 seed in the Midwest Region. For Michigan, it’s a bitter pill. I’m still a believer that they can earn a top seed if they win the conference postseason tournament, but that all depends on Louisville, Kansas and Georgetown.

The Four Tops
Not sure how the rankings will shake out, but we have a much clearer picture of the top seeds now.

West Region—Gonzaga: Rolled through their schedule, but still the weakest top seed, if you ask me.
South Region—Georgetown: The only ranked team they haven’t beaten all year is Indiana.
Midwest Region—Indiana: 7-1 vs. ranked opponents, including three road wins vs. Michigan, Michigan State and Ohio State. Consensus No. 1? Hmm….
East Region—Duke: Might be the best team in the tournament, now that Ryan Kelly is healthy.

Who’s No. 2?
One of these teams could play its way into a top seed, if you ask me. But for now, they’re going to hold down the second seeds:

* Louisville
* Kansas
* Michigan
* Miami

What’s Left?
Selection Sunday is six days away. Between now and then, we’ll have today’s national rankings and a slew of conference tournaments. It remains to be seen how much or how little credence the selection committee gives to postseason conference play. After all, 20-loss Liberty already backed its way into the Big Dance™ by virtue of winning its conference tourney. Should Georgetown get punished if they lose an opening round game? We’ll see.

I think those No. 2 and possible No. 3 seeds (Michigan State, Ohio State, Okie State and Marquette) could move up, depending on how they do this week. Moe down? Who knows.

Who’s No. 1?
The national rankings are nearly meaningless today. It doesn’t matter if you’re No. 1, as long as you’re in the Top Four. Here goes my prediction for the Top Ten:

1. Gonzaga (30-2/16-0)—They won a game in their conference tournament. It doesn’t matter anymore.
2. Indiana (25-5/14-4)—The Ohio State loss created drama, but beating Michigan at Ann Arbor was THE biggest win of the season.
3. Duke (27-4/14-4)—Carolina was no match for the Blue Devils. This team is surging.
4. Georgetown (24-5/14-4)—Started the season unranked. Finished tied for a share of the Big East.
5. Louisville (24-5/14-4)—7-0 since losing at Notre Dame in 5 overtimes.
6. Kansas (26-5/14-4)—Laid an egg at Baylor. Still tied for Big 12 championship and went 4-1 vs. ranked opponents on the season.
7. Michigan (24-5/12-6)—This ranking belies their true talent, but they’re 4-4 vs. ranked teams.
8. Michigan State (24-7/13-5)—Starting to pick up the pieces, but still have to prove they’re an elite team, after going 5-6 vs. ranked opponents.
9. Miami (24-6/15-3))—They won the ACC outright, but the late loss to Duke (and Georgia Tech) really hurt.
10. Ohio State (23-7/13-5)—Closed out the season on a 5-0 run, including wins against Michigan State and at Indiana. Could be a dark horse.

The Rest of the Pack
11. Marquette (23-7/14-4)
12. Oklahoma State (23-7/13-5)
13. Kansas State (25-6/14-4)
14. New Mexico (26-5/13-3)
15. St. Louis (24-6/13-3)
16. Florida (24-6/14-4)
17. Arizona (24-6/12-6)
18. Pittsburgh (24-7/12-6)
19. Syracuse (23-8/11-7)
20. Memphis (27-4/16-0)
21. Butler (24-7/11-5)
22. Oregon (23-8/12-6)
23. Wisconsin (21-10/12-6)
24. UCLA (23-8/13-5)
25. VCU (24-7/12-4)

Honorable Mention
Creighton (27-7/13-5) won the Missouri Valley Conference postseason tournament this weekend. They could earn a national ranking.

Gone, Daddy Gone
These three teams fell out of the rankings this week. Bubble teams? Perhaps. But I think at least two of these teams make it to the Big Dance.

* Notre Dame (23-8/11-7)
* Louisiana Tech (26-5/16-2)
* North Carolina (22-9/12-6)

Off the Bubble
Thanks to Florida for blowing it for everybody. Because they lost to Kentucky 61-57 this weekend, the Wildcats played their way into the tournament. Nice work, Gators. Nice work.

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college hoops weekend…it all comes down to this.

Indiana needs Victor Oladipo (No. 4) and Cody Zeller (No. 40) to step up this Sunday. Without them the Hoosiers don't stand a chance against Michigan.

Indiana needs Victor Oladipo (No. 4) and Cody Zeller (No. 40) to step up this Sunday. Without them the Hoosiers don’t stand a chance against Michigan.

The next two days of college basketball will be exciting, revealing and, quite possibly, upsetting (depending on whom you ask).

Indiana’s shocking home loss to Ohio State only prolongs the drama in the B1G. By the end of tomorrow, there could be as many as four teams claiming the regular season title…or Indiana could win it outright.

Thanks to Miami’s loss to Georgia Tech earlier this week, Duke now has the inside track on a top seed and, possibly, a share of the ACC title. But that’s relying on a weak Clemson team beating Miami (not gonna happen) and the Dukies winning on the (Tobacco) Road at Carolina (could happen).

A B1G Mess
By virtue of losing to Ohio State, Indiana jeopardizes what has been a mostly magical season. A loss at Michigan Sunday afternoon could be a crushing blow to the Hoosiers. If the Wolverines win, they move into the driver’s seat and would be the likely top seed in the Midwest. Indiana could still earn a top seed, but they’d need to win a few games in the conference tournament.

Who’s No. 1?
Should the Hoosiers pull off the win at A2, they’d all but cement the No. 1 seed in the Midwest and possibly move ahead of lame duck Gonzaga. And Indiana loss and a win over Carolina would probably move Duke to No. 1 in both the East Region as well as the overall rankings.

If both Indiana and Duke lose this weekend and Kansas wins today, the Jayhawks would have a claim to No. 1 in the nation and the No. 1 seed in the South Region.

Big-Game Saturday
Syracuse at Georgetown, noon EST—Both teams need this to stay in the hunt. Hoyas stay in the top-seed race with a win.
* Duke at UNC, 9 p.m. EST —Heels poised to play spoiler this year.

Game of the Season
Indiana at Michigan, Sunday, 4 p.m. EST—Don’t be surprised if this is the second of three or, possibly, four meetings between these two programs this year. No question, this one is for more than the B1G title. It’s for the No. 1 seed in the Midwest.


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marching to march: zags top the charts…for now.

Junior forward Kelly Olynyk's 17.7 ppg led the Zags to No. 1 for the first time ever.

Junior forward Kelly Olynyk’s 17.7 ppg led the Zags to No. 1 for the first time ever.

If history is a guide, the final week of the NCAA men’s basketball regular season will be an unpredictable, wild ride. It will likely produce a new No. 1 team and could be the difference between a top seed for some, while being the bubble that bursts for others.

New No. 1…for Now
In fairness to Gonzaga, they’ve taken care of business. Undefeated in the the WCC and only two losses on the season, the Zags will claim their first No. 1 ranking in school history. But it won’t last. With their season done, Gonzaga will watch as every other team plays out their regular seasons.

Road Warriors Weary
There’s no place like home; especially for the Top Ten. At home, the Top Ten went 8-0 last week. On the road? 5-6. Who suffered the most embarrassing road loss? No. 4 Michigan. Losing at Penn State was embarrassing. But beating No. 9 Michigan State at home atoned for it.

The Four Tops
* Gonzaga — West Region
* Indiana — Midwest Region
* Duke — East Region
* ??? — South Region

The Zags are a lock for the West Region. Kansas, Michigan, Miami, Georgetown and even Louisville will make their cases for that fourth No. 1 seed in The Big Dance™. Stay tuned.

Shaka to the System
Right on cue, here comes Shaka Smart and his VCU Rams. By virtue of pistol-whipping Butler last week, VCU should move into the Top 25 and be poised to make another run at the Final Four.

Worst Week Ever
After winless weeks, Arizona and Syracuse will fall to the middle of the pack and, likely, losing a grip on No. 2 seeds.

Cadet Kelly
Duke senior forward Ryan Kelly picked a fine time to get back into the mix. His 36 points lifted the Blue Devils over No. 5 Miami; just in time for the postseason. For Coach K, Kelly’s return gives Duke another double-digit scoring threat. The real test for Duke will be its season-ending game at North Carolina.

Minnesota’s upset victory over No. 1 Indiana may have been the signature win to punch their ticket to the Big Dance™. Even though Illinois has an identical 8-8 conference record and also beat Indiana, they’re still on the bubble with two difficult road games to close out the season. They may need a good showing in the conference tournament to punch their ticket.

UConn is in the same boat as the Illini. They’re 3-3 against ranked teams and lack any sense of consistency. They are truly middle-of-the-pack. Out in the Mountain West, here come the Runnin’ Rebels, making their case. After a 2-0 week and in a tie for second place in the MWC, UNLV is one step closer to a potential No. 5 seed.

So Who’s No. 1?
This is a difficult week to predict. I have about 45 percent confidence in my selections.

1. Gonzaga (29-2/16-0)— All that’s left is their conference tourney, which won’t hurt their shot at the No. 1 seed in the West Region.
2. Indiana (24-4/13-3)—Losing has consequences. But if the Hoosiers win out, they’ll be the consensus No. 1 again.
3. Kansas (25-4/13-3)—Just as losing has consequences, so does winning. The Jayhawks had a good week.
4. Duke (25-4/12-4)—The Miami win atones for the Virginia loss. But they have to close out their season at Carolina. Good luck.
5. Georgetown (23-4/13-3)—The Hoyas are gaining momentum.
6. Michigan (24-5/11-5)—A win over Indiana would all but give the Wolverines a line on a No. 1 seed.
7. Miami (Fl) (23-5/14-2)—A No. 1 seed isn’t out of reach, but a No. 2 is all but locked.
8. Louisville (24-5/12-4)—A strong finish at home earns a No. 2 seed or better (depending on circumstances).
9. Kansas State (24-5/13-3)—The March 9 game at Okie St. is the battle for Big 12 second place.
10. Florida (23-5/13-3)—The Gators have one job this week: knock Kentucky’s ass to the NIT. Don’t let us down, Florida.

The Rest of the Field
I’m taking a shot at the entire Top 25 this week. Here goes:

11. Michigan State (22-7/11-5)—Road loss to Michigan hurt; down to a No. 3 or 4 seed.
12. New Mexico (25-4/12-2)—Could be a troublemaker in the tournament.
13. Oklahoma State (22-6/12-4)—Regardless of the K-State game, Okie St. is for real.
14. Ohio State (21-7/11-5)—A win over Indiana salvages an otherwise disappointing season.
15. St. Louis (23-5/12-2)—The Billikens could be the mid major who crashes the Final Four this year.
16. Arizona (23-6/11-6)—No one fell harder, faster than the Wildcats…
17. Syracuse (22-7/10-6)—…except for Syracuse. Hello, No. 4 seed.
18. Wisconsin (20-9/11-5)—Losing to Purdue hurt, but they’re still in the Dance.
19. Marquette (21-7/12-4)—Big wins over Syracuse and Notre Dame raised their stock.
20. Memphis (25-4/14-1)—Just when I started believing in the Tigers. They could still hold a No. 4 seed.
21. Louisiana Tech (26-3/16-0)—Difficult to determine how good they are, playing in a weak WAC.
22. PIttsburgh (23-7/11-6)—The Big East has too damn many teams.
23. Oregon (23-6/12-4)—They’re leading a rather mediocre Pac-12.
24. VCU (23-6/11-3)—They did something even Indiana couldn’t do, beat the hell out of Butler.
25. North Carolina (21-8/11-5)—In my mind, the Tar Heels didn’t earn this ranking. More like: it fell off the back of a turnip truck.

Gone Baby Gone
Butler and Notre Dame. Despite getting blown out by VCU, Butler will still be a tough out in the tournament. Notre Dame? They’re schizophrenic anymore. Could be a Sweet Sixteen team or be one-and-done.

Honorable Mention
UNLV. I thought about slotting the Runnin’ Rebels at No. 25 instead of North Carolina. The only difference is Carolina plays in a stronger conference. The Rebs could end up ranked next week, though. Not sure what sort of tournament team they’ll be, yet.

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does anybody want to be no. 1?

Plenty of drama was already on the schedule for tomorrow’s slate of NCAA men’s basketball games. Thanks to losses this week by No. 1 Indiana, No. 3 Duke and No. 4 Michigan, Saturday’s become a crucible. In all likelihood, we’ll have a new No. 1 team come Monday, and it’ll probably be Gonzaga. Why? Because they beat BYU last night, 70-65 on the road and wrap up their season at home against Portland; a team the beat by 22 points earlier this year. Despite my predilections, there’s no question Gonzaga has a decent resume…unless you count their 1-2 record vs. ranked opponents (yeah, I went there again).

But even more significant than Gonzaga’s win, Duke lost on the road at Virginia last night, 73-68. Every major, Top 5 team bailed out Indiana after losing to Minnesota.

Duke’s home game vs. No. 5 Miami could be the difference between a No. 1 ranking and a No. 5 or 6 ranking. Beat the Hurricanes and the Blue Devils might leapfrog over Gonzaga. A Duke loss would push them out of the No. 1 seed conversation. For now.

If current No. 1 Indiana beats Iowa at home, the Hoosiers should stay in the Top 5. But that depends on the outcome of the Michigan/Michigan State game. A Michigan win erases some of the damage of the Penn State loss. Enough to keep them in the Top 5? Too soon to tell.

Kansas and Georgetown will make a case to move ahead of teams like Michigan and Duke if they win at home against West Virginia and Rutgers, respectively.

A few factors the voters will weigh:
* How damaging are the losses for IU, Duke and Michigan?
* How significant is Gonzaga’s win over BYU?
* Can high does Miami jump if they beat Duke?

The AP voters have a love affair with Miami, so I wouldn’t be surprised to see them get some No. 1 votes if they beat Duke. But if Gonzaga wins tomorrow, they’re No. 1.

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the marshall plan: penn state stuns the maize & blue.

This is what it felt like for No. 4 Michigan tonight.

This is what it felt like for No. 4 Michigan tonight.

That’s why they play ’em. There isn’t a soul on the planet who would’ve picked Penn State to beat No. 4 Michigan tonight. Not. A. Soul. But they did, 84-78, thanks in large part to junior guard Jermaine Marshall’s 25 points. It was Penn State’s first conference win of the season. It snapped a 14-game losing streak.

Ann Arbor cheered when the Hoosiers lost last night. Tonight? Loved ones are hiding Michigan fans’ belts and shoelaces. As they say, that’s why they play ’em.

B1G Sigh of Relief for Hoosiers
The loss gives No. 1 Indiana a little breathing room heading into the final three games of the season, including a the season ender at Ann Arbor. It’s still a critical game for both teams, but the one B1G program that stands to make the greatest strides over the next 10 days is Wisconsin. They’ve already beaten Indiana, Michigan and Ohio State. Their March 7 rematch against Michigan State could be a chance to win the regular season championship.

But nothing is set in stone yet. As they say, that’s why they play ’em.

Miami Sets the Table
Miami’s easy 76-58 win over Virginia Tech tonight sets up a major showdown with Duke on Sunday. Depending on Gonzaga’s final two regular season games and Indiana’s Sunday game vs. Iowa, the Hurricanes or Blue Devils could launch into the No. 2 spot. Or higher.

The Battle of Michigan
The in-state battle between Michigan State and Michigan (at Ann Arbor) Sunday takes on a different level of importance. For Michigan, it’s about redemption + a chance to move back into second place. For State, a win sets up an epic battle with Wisconsin for second place. Realistically, the top seed is gone for both the Spartans and Wolverines. They’re now playing for a No. 2 seed.

You’re Still the 1
Both Duke and Miami can still earn top seeds in the NCAA National Championship Tournament. I doubt both will fall to No. 2 seeds. Right now, the top four seeds will be a battle between:
* Indiana
* Gonzaga
* Duke
* Miami
* Kansas

That can change by Monday morning, but for now, they’re in the driver’s seat. For my money, Gonzaga is a weak No. 1 seed, compared to the rest of the field. A part of me believes the selection committee will drop them to a No. 2 seed the minute the Zags have trouble. Depending on the rest of their seasons, Georgetown and Florida could challenge for a No. 1 seed, but the Gators really threw up on themselves with the loss to Tennessee.

Yep—wait for it—that’s why they play ’em.

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gophers smack the hell out of the hoosiers, spark early start to march madness™.

gopherIf a groundhog can predict an early summer by simply looking for his shadow, then a gopher can certainly signal an early beginning for March Madness™ by punching the No. 1 ranked team in the mouth. In fact, Tuesday night was not a good night to be nationally ranked and on the road. Indiana, Florida and Memphis all dropped road games Tuesday night—none more impressive (or maddening, for some) than Minnesota’s gritty home win over the top-ranked Hoosiers—sending March Madness bracketologists and bubble watchers into a tizzy.

For fun, let’s look at what’s happened over the past couple nights in the Top 25.

Monday Night Massacre
Marquette Squeezes the Orange. The Orangemen are backing their way across the finish line. After beat four straight ranked opponents, Syracuse dropped two in a row (Georgetown, Marquette). A win against 10th ranked Louisville this week will right the ship.

KU Escapes a Cyclone…Thanks to Wobbly Officiating. I hardly ever hang a win or loss on officiating. But there’s no question Kansas got away with murder Monday night. They know it. Iowa State knows it. The Big 12 knows it. No such thing as a bad win, agreed. But there is such a thing as a gift-wrapped win.

Terrible Tuesday
Gopher Punched. A bitter, bruising road loss to an under-achieving Minnesota team in the B1G isn’t the end of the world for Indiana, but it does mean their margin for error is down to razor-thin territory if they want to win the B1G regular season championship and earn the No. 1 seed in the Midwest. That season-ending game at Ann Arbor just took on even more importance. For Minnesota, it was a crucial, signature win that probably moved them off the bubble.

Tennessee bites the Gators. The injury bug caught up to Florida at the worst possible time. Despite Gators’ high national ranking and relatively down year for the SEC, they haven’t wrapped anything up yet. Surprisingly, second place Alabama is looming large in their rearview mirror right now.

Memphis Meltdown. Just when the Tigers started earning some respect, they trip on the road at Xavier. Not sure how much this loss hurts Memphis right now. They could still easily earn a No. 4 or No. 5 seed in the tournament.

Sunday, Bloody Sunday
Iowa at No. 1 Indiana. The Hoosiers need to right the ship before their last two regular season games vs. Ohio State and Michigan. A loss would surely trigger the panic button in Bloomington.

Freakin’ Gonzaga. If they win at BYU Thursday and at home vs. Portland Sunday, the Zags could finish their regular season with an improbable No. 1 ranking. A two-loss season is impressive, but c’mon, man. Whom have they played?! Gonzaga’s 1-2 vs. ranked opponents. They could end up being the weakest No. 1 seed in the field this year.

No. 5 Miami at No. 3 Duke. With the Hoosiers’ loss, no game takes on greater significance than this battle for the ACC championship. If the ‘Canes win, the ACC regulars season championship is theirs…and possibly a No. 1 seed. A Duke win changes everything.

No. 9 Michigan State at No. 4 Michigan. The entire state of Indiana will be cheering for Sparty in this one. The Wolverines need this win to have a fighting chance for the B1G crown and a potential No. 1 seed. If the Spartans win, they make a case for earning a No. 2 seed, at best. Either way, no conference tournament will have more intrigue than the B1G in a couple weeks.

The final regular season rankings next Monday should be interesting.

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